Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

First Matches Announced for the WWE Battleground Pay-Per-View

First Matches Announced for the WWE Battleground Pay-Per-View

First, Orton made his way to the ring and demanded that he gets a rematch with Mahal.

Prior to this, only two Punjabi Prison matches were held during The Great Khali's world championship reign.

As recapped by the official website of WWE, Randy Orton headed out to the ring and called out Jinder Mahal for another title match. However, Mahal would be allowed to pick the stipulation, leading to his entrance and decision on the Punjabi Prison. Orton failed to win the belt, and so far throughout his rivalry with Jinder Mahal, the Singh Brothers have proved to be a thorn in Randy Orton's side. Owens says the "Land of Opportunity" is a bad catchphrase that SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon uses when he's here and it means absolutely nothing. Mahal said he wanted to bring some of his homeland to the United States and that is why he challenged Orton to a Punjabi Prison Match.

As for the Punjabi Prison, the last match of its kind was done at No Mercy 2007. They had a rematch at Money in the Bank, which saw the Maharaja claimed victory again.

If the wrestlers in the match are not able to make it our of the one of the four doors within the time limit they must then climb over the first cage.

Battleground will be WWE's last PPV before August's SummerSlam, which is an interbrand show. It has only been utilized twice, the first time coming at Great American Bash 2006, when Undertaker defeated the Big Show (who replaced Khali after he was flagged with a Wellness Violation). Are you looking forward to seeing SmackDown Live's top stars there?

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