Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Trump hails 'energy revolution' as exports surge

Trump hails 'energy revolution' as exports surge

President Trump drew some unwanted attention to coal power plants when he withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change earlier this month, and a new report from the consulting firm M.J. Bradley & Associates highlights the impact that coal-sourced electricity has on pollutants including sulfur dioxide and mercury as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Perry pointed to advances in natural gas fracking, which sped a shift away from usa coal use.

"Can we agree that we ought to have a conversation as a people, intellectually engaged, not screaming at each other, no standing up in the middle of my speeches and calling me a 'climate denier.' When the fact is, I just want to have a conversation about this", he said.

"We've gone from the age of scarcity now to the age of abundance when it comes to American energy", Mike Catanzaro, a White House energy policy aide, told reporters.

The White House is launching its "energy week" with a series of events focused on jobs and boosting US global influence.

Perry acknowledges that climate does change over time, and that presenly humans are having some impact on the climate. Perry last week said carbon dioxide is not a primary driver of rising temperatures, and yesterday claimed that the science is unsettled with regard to how much people are affecting temperatures.

"I have not had that conversation with him", Perry said. This Brattle Group projection of total USA generation additions and retirements between 2010 and 2020 highlights the fall of coal as a central part of many regions' grid power mix. "The idea that we can't have an intellectual conversation about just what are the actual impacts", Perry said.

"Answer my question, why will you not say that climate change is caused by carbon dioxide?" she pressed.

In her 15 years spent studying energy independence and melding the concept with the benefits received from global markets, Ladislaw said Perry may need to be more specific.

Perry said if top scientists are saying the data isn't settled on climate change, then maybe it's time to sit down and talk it over. "We've done this with innovation and technology, not by signing agreements". He pitched nuclear, and coal, as an important element of national security and grid stability, by exporting those resources and technologies.

The Brayton Point Power Station, New England's largest and one of its last coal-fired power plants, appears on a cloudy day, Wednesday, May 31, 2017, in Somerset, Mass.

Trump is touting "energy dominance", as he calls it, while Perry says Washington has hindered the country's energy exporting for years, but all that changes under the new administration. "Since you get behind the scenes in ways that we don't, during the campaign you famously said of candidate Trump that his candidacy was a cancer on conservatism", Alexander said.

Renewable energy advocates criticized the upcoming study for presupposing its conclusions, and they have produced their own research to counter the upcoming report (Energywire, June 27).

"Energy policy is not just a vital element of US economic policy but also a vital element of USA foreign policy", he said.

"Leaders from the coal, petroleum, natural gas, electric, renewable, and nuclear energy sectors" were present at the event, according to the conference description.

"What is energy dominance?" "I believe no clean energy portfolio is truly complete without nuclear power". And more importantly, what is the United States going to do to affect that?

The president is scheduled to speak on the topic of energy exports Thursday.

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