Published: Fri, July 14, 2017
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15 year old killed her mother and apologized via Facebook!

15 year old killed her mother and apologized via Facebook!

The girl is charged as a juvenile with two counts of first-degree murder, concealment of homicidal death and arson.

The other 15-year-old girl could face charges of concealing a homicide and arson for allegedly helping the daughter.

When Peggy got back, Anna reportedly told her to put a towel over her face before shooting her in the head in their living room, according to a police officer's testimony.

The girl did not enter a plea during a court hearing Tuesday in juvenile court.

Anna Schroeder shot her mom after she returned home from work.

. 53-year-old Peggy Schroeder, who died, and then her 15-year-old daughter sent a message to her fellow friend saying what she did. They moved the body from the living room to her bedroom, covered her with a bed sheet and set the sheet on fire.

They walked to Subway, where they spent an hour eating and where Anna learned that her father, Daryl Schroeder of Walnut, was coming to Morrison.

Schroeder says although her mother adopted her and her sister at a very young age, she welcomed and loved everyone with open arms.

The girls then walked to a nearby store to buy more cleaning supplies.

The next morning, they attempted to burn down the house by setting fire to the sheet that Anna's mother was wrapped in, then left to hide Anna's phone and Peggy's gun in a cemetery. Investigators said she then texted a picture of her mother's body to Helm who came to the house Friday to help clean up.

Around 1:30 pm on Saturday, neighbours reported smelling burning plastic. A 911 call about the fire alerted authorities on Saturday. The friend's mother drove the girl to the sheriff's department Saturday night and the friend told Molina everything and where her friend could be found.

Local 4 News talked with Schroeder's daughter about how she's coping with the sudden loss. Molina testified that daughter confessed everything, including researching children who murdered their parents.

A Morrison, Illinois, teenager has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of her mother at the home they shared. "I'm more anxious about my mom and getting things the arrangements and stuff done". I'm sorry I was not the best daughter ...

"I don't even know if you can see me right now but if you can I just want you to know you were my best friend", the post read.

Rachel allegedly became so guilt-ridden that she confessed the entire series of events to her mom, who took her to the Whiteside County Sheriff's Department for questioning.

The daughter's defense attorney, Jim Mertes of Sterling, said he had no comment on the case but did say that it "will involve continuing and extensive investigation".

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