Published: Fri, July 14, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Windows Phone is Officially Dead

Windows Phone is Officially Dead

Windows Phone 8.1 was originally released on 11 July 2014 and Microsoft was committed to providing support for three years.

The acrylic material is one of the tools that make up the Fluent Design, which will be the based for Microsoft's iOS and Android apps.

Microsoft still supports Windows 10 Mobile, but it is unclear how long it will do this.

I am personally not expecting Microsoft to release updates to the Windows Server Insider Preview as frequently as previews for Windows 10 PCs or Mobile devices, and that's perfectly fine, to be honest.

A couple of builds ago Microsoft started grouping Microsoft Edge related processes together in Task Manager.

Previously, the Windows Insider programme has focused primarily on consumer software with tracks available for Windows 10 and its Mobile incarnations. Now, you can view the active GPU's name and see which of its functions (including 3D, video decoding and video processing) are currently active.

The Task Manager has also received some changes with the recent Windows 10 update, with the Performance tab being freshened up.

Build 16241 also shows it's serious because of the nature of its new features, emphasizing nuts-and-bolts improvements over new capabilities. As of right now, there's a single main carrier offering a Windows 10 Mobile product on contract, and it's not even a particularly high-end model. Windows 10 devices do retain official support but they are in the minority.

Microsoft just sent a clear message to consumers courageous enough to bet on its mobile strategy a few years back: You're on your own.

Build 16241 includes mixed reality improvements, update delivery options, password reset and more.

As for mixed reality, Microsoft has added support for motion controllers over USB (wireless and Bluetooth support is coming soon).

This was another feature we did a full gallery and walkthrough of for the settings related to controlling how much bandwidth and data is used relating to downloading Windows Updates and they also apply to app updates from the Windows Store. Now, though, Microsoft is officially welcoming system administrators into the fold with the launch of the first ever Windows Server Insider beta.

Preview Build 16241 has a few known issues, the most notable of which for gaming enthusiasts might be problems with EA's Origin overlay that "may cause game movement to lock up".

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