Published: Sat, July 15, 2017
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Cousins Charged with Murder in Case of 4 Missing Pennsylvania Young Men

Cousins Charged with Murder in Case of 4 Missing Pennsylvania Young Men

The other missing men are Mark Sturgis, 22, and Thomas Meo, 21, who worked together in construction, and Jimi Taro Patrick, 19, a student at Loyola University in Baltimore.

One of his defense attorneys, Paul Lang, told reporters Thursday that DiNardo confessed to killing the four men and told authorities the location of the bodies.

DiNardo, who was arrested Wednesday after trying to sell a victim's vehicle July 9, reportedly named a co-conspirator involved in three of the killings during his confession, who was then taken into custody Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

Early Thursday morning, Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub announced during a midnight press conference that Finocchiaro's body was discovered in a 12-foot-deep common grave that also contained other human remains.

Mark Sturgis, 22, of Pennsburg in Montgomery County, is one of four missing men that police from several departments are looking for in Bucks County.

Meo's 1996 Nissan Maxima, with the title inside, was found Sunday around 4 a.m. ET, on a nearby property owned by the Dinardos, Weintraub said. Lang said the motive for the murders will come out in time.

An attorney representing the couple issued a statement saying they sympathize with the families of the missing men and are cooperating "in every way possible with the investigation".

While DiNardo admitted to having slayed the four men in his family's property, police have only found the remains of one teenager: 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro. He is charged in the deaths of all four men. Kratz allegedly took part in three of the murders.

The four killings took place in three separate incidents, each of which involved using marijuana to lure the men to Dinardo's property, according to a probable cause affidavit.

The killer behind the mysterious disappearance of four Pennsylvania men is ready to plead guilty, can reveal.

He wrote on Snapchat: "I mean I know the kid but yeah I feel bad for his parents".

DiNardo told detectives he wrapped Finocchiaro's body in a blue tarp and used the backhoe to remove him from the barn before placing the body into a metal tank, which he referred to as the "pig roaster", according to the court documents.

The last two victims, Meo and Sturgis, were killed the same evening as they got out of DiNardo's truck at the farm to buy pot.

Prosecutors said DiNardo suffered from schizophrenia. The charging documents state that DiNardo told police, "When they turned their backs on me, I shot Tom in the back". Dinardo and Kratz returned to the property the next afternoon and used the backhoe to dig a hole and bury Finocchiaro, Meo and Sturgis, the complaint says.

He was released from Bucks County jail on Tuesday night after 10 percent of his $1 million bail was paid by his father.

Laura Hefty, who lives a few miles from the gravesite in Solebury Township, where farms bump up against new residential developments, said many people were trying to convince themselves this is nothing that could ever happen to their kids. Patrick, who was a year behind DiNardo at a Catholic high school for boys, was last seen on Wednesday, while the other three vanished two days later.

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