Published: Sat, July 15, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Facebook camera lets you create GIFs

Facebook camera lets you create GIFs

Facebook's GIF feature should be available to you already - to access it, simply swipe right on the home screen to access the built-in camera.

It appears the GIF-making feature is not available to all users at this time, suggesting those who now have their hands on it either got it by accident or through the update rolling out very slowly.

TNW discovered it this morning. The fact that the GIF creator even uses the Facebook Camera is a good sign that Facebook is finally going to make GIFs a priority, at least somewhat. The option allows users to create short GIFs and add a plethora of effects and filters. The GIF images you make can be saved to your device, posted on your profile or to your Facebook story.

When it comes to the new GIF creator being tested on the Facebook iOS app, this is an additional feature that will make the main Facebook app more fun. Either way, you will see these tabs at the top of the next screen: Normal and GIF. For now, not all the iOS users have received it as Facebook seems to be in the process of rolling out the update to the users.

Facebook had instead put the emphasis on video, which also bring a lively quality to the News Feed.

The GIF option wasn't there on my Android phone and on my friend's iPhone running the latest version of Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, GIFs were not something that Facebook took to immediately, as a lot of other social networks were making them important from the get-go. Which means they're not much use outside of Facebook.

When can you start making GIFs?

Videos are something that you can monetize.

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