Published: Sat, July 15, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Kim Clijsters makes a male fan wear white skirt during Wimbledon 2017

Kim Clijsters makes a male fan wear white skirt during Wimbledon 2017

The four-time Grand Slam victor barrelled an almighty serve at the chap and, lo and behold, he actually managed to return it.

In a match between former tennis stars; Kim Clijsters, Rennae Stubbs, Andrea Jaeger and Conchita Martinez, Kim was wondering which serve should she take.

A spectator was pulled from the crowd during a women's invitational doubles match and given the chance to try to return a serve from Clijsters, a four-time major champion. Calling from the crowd the man suggested "body line".

Clijsters checked with him whether he had actually said that, and once convinced, she invited him to the court which he duly accepted.

But seeing him not in all whites, which is the traditional dress code followed at the Wimbledon, Kim ran to take out one of her spare white skirts.

Mr Quinn bravely managed to pull the skirt up as Clijsters, 34, lost her composure and collapsed laughing onto the court.

When it was her turn to serve, Kim asked the audience what kind of serve she should make - wide or down the middle. He got a huge hug from Clijsters and a photo with the entire group that he'll surely cherish for a long, long time.

A little problem that popped up was that the man was in a blue-coloured short and a green shirt.

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