Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Amazon To Unveil New Messaging App

Amazon To Unveil New Messaging App

How Amazon plans to differentiate, however, is with group messaging. They now host an online marketplace, a music streaming service, a video streaming service and super fast delivery services. Amazon says user will be able to "encrypt important messages" at a higher level of security, while voice call and audio call will be private and secure. Besides these, it will also allow its users to play games, order food, shop and listen to music.

AFTV News revealed that Amazon has been running a survey particularly on which features the respondents would like to use in a messaging app.

The e-commerce and cloud computing giant apparently is developing an app that would take on services provided by Facebook Inc., Apple Inc. and Google Inc. People are addicted to these Messaging apps as they can send and receive instant replies from their friends and other users. Unlike standalone messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber, Anytime would let you reach your friends by using their names instead of their phone number. Could Amazon really offer an effective service that could compete with the likes of Facebook?

Watch this space for latest news, as we will be keeping a close eye on the Amazon Anytime app. However, with so much information in one place, privacy is going to be a concern, but Amazon has it figured with encryption of bank account details and other important things. Presently the company is running a survey before launching this app.

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