Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Israeli commando assassinates Palestinian man in Nabi Saleh Northwest of Ramallah

Israeli commando assassinates Palestinian man in Nabi Saleh Northwest of Ramallah

Following the shooting, dozens of soldiers invaded Nabi Saleh to conduct arrests and searches of homes and property, before the young man reportedly "pointed his gun at the soldiers who shot him dead".

This does not, however, prevent the Palestinian Authority from continuing its "pay to slay" policy that rewards its citizens for attempting to carry out attacks against Israelis for whatever the reason. Ruan turned herself in to the Palestinian security services and is being held by them.

An additional Palestinian suspect was arrested in connection with Saturday's shooting terror attack near Ateret.

The Israeli media quoted Luba al-Samri, an Israeli police spokeswoman for saying that the military operation was implemented by border police special Yamam unit and security service Shin Bet and ended with the assassination of Khalil.

The army claims that the Palestinians was killed after he "attempted to open fire on the soldiers with his homemade weapon", and that another Palestinian, who was with him, was taken prisoner.

Khalil perpetrated two terrorist attacks on Saturday together with his fiancée, Ruan Ambar: one against an IDF guard post near the Samaria Arab village of Nabi Saleh, and the other against an Israeli driver traveling near the Jewish community of Ateret, also in Samaria.

Khalil was a former member of the Palestinian security forces had been working as an arms dealer at the time of his death, according to the ISA.

Israel reopened an ultra-sensitive holy site Sunday closed after an attack that killed two policemen, but Muslim worshippers were refusing to enter due to new security measures including metal detectors and cameras.

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