Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Mom hilariously recreates Beyoncé's photo with newborn twins

Mom hilariously recreates Beyoncé's photo with newborn twins

Irish mom Sharon Kellaway says Beyoncé's ornate photo revealing her twins to the world was "so unrealistic" that she had to take her own.

Sharon Kellaway posed with her five-month-old twins Senan and Zoe and has since gone viral. "Thought my friends would get a giggle ... didn't expect it to go this far!"

Kellaway also tells FOX 29 that she plans on giving the blanket and veil used in her recreation to a cancer charity to be auctioned. "I found her pregnancy photos elaborate!"

The post read, "More from the photo shoot ..." Sharon was chatting online with friends in Canada and put one of the pictures in the group chat. "I initially tried to take it myself in the kitchen but couldn't manage, so I called my older children". "I pulled it from the dress-up box".

The mother stepped out in her backyard in Cork, Ireland, with a pink owl-patterned fleece blanket draped over her shoulders and enlisted her six-year-old daughter to snap the images, which soon went viral on social media.

Shot at the six-acre oceanfront mansion in Malibu the family has been renting since the twins birth, the image shows Bey looking all glowy and goddess-y in front of a divine floral arch cradling Sir Carter and Rumi in her arms whilst draped in a lovely, floor-length ruffled robe. "I haven't seen her in concert but would follow her as much as the next person".

The pictures have really impressed people on Facebook with many sharing comments on Ms Kellaway's post.

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