Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Out-of-control boat crashes into dock, officer's boat

Out-of-control boat crashes into dock, officer's boat

A boat spinning out of control with no one at the wheel - that's what conservation officers say happened Saturday after a drunk driver lost control on Lake Gage in Steuben County.

Carlile was able to toss a rope into the water and entangle the runaway boat's propellor, according to the press release.

Dominique Effinger, 20, was charged with boating while intoxicated causing injury and being a minor in possession of alcohol, conservation officers said in a news release.

Video of his daring actions showed the boat going in circles at a high rate of speed, crashing first into a dock, then into the officer's boat.

Two people were flown to a nearby hospital with severe injuries including a fractured skull and a partial arm amputation. Other people who were hurt were taken to a hospital in Angola with non-life threatening injuries.

Around 7:13 p.m. a 21-foot boat operated by Dominique Effinger made a violent turn and threw 10 people into the water, according to DNR Spokesman James Price. The boat is seen hitting a pier before striking another boat on its way. Once the boat slowed down, Carlile was able to jump aboard and turn the boat's engine off. Steuben County Sheriff's Department officers also alerted people on shore to move their docked boats and to clear the area because the unmanned boat kept moving closer to docks and other boats as it circled around and around by the shoreline, conservation officers reported. She told NewsChannel 15 in IN her husband escorted a paramedic in order to help the injured people thrown off into the water via a jet ski.

The boat, a Correct Craft Ski Ski Nautique, was traveling at around 30mph when it threw the passengers off.

Two people were flow by medical helicopter from the lake shore after being rescued by onlookers, according to the DNR.

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