Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Panthers unexpectedly fire Ex-Giants exec Dave Gettleman

Panthers unexpectedly fire Ex-Giants exec Dave Gettleman

In a shocking move, the Carolina Panthers have fired general manager Dave Gettleman, who had been with the team in that capacity since 2013...

The Carolina Panthers "relieved" their general manager Dave Gettleman of his duties Monday, inspiring shock, pleasure and a slew of "Game of Thrones" TV show references on Twitter.

Nearly a year and a half since their trip to the Super Bowl, the Carolina Panthers have relieved general manager Dave Gettleman of his duties.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson said the decision was not easy and took much thought. His resume includes being a part of three Super-Bowl-winning teams as part of seven team appearances with different organizations. "I want to thank Dave for the role he played in our success over the past four seasons".

His mindset has apparently changed, although the Panthers might not need the veteran running back after selecting Christian McCaffrey with the No. 8 pick in the 2017 National Football League draft. Carolina became the first team in NFC South history to win the division title in consecutive years. The 29-year-old eventually signed a five-year, $75-million deal with Washington.

Williams and Smith, two of the most prominent stars in the history of the franchise, were both released by Gettleman.

Josh Norman and Steve Smith, who also left Carolina with a bad taste in their mouths, tweeted their approval as well, Norman via emojis and Smith with a taunting photo.

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