Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Behind-The-Scenes Video Revealed at D23 Expo

PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Behind-The-Scenes Video Revealed at D23 Expo

Director of photography Salvatore Totino captures the aerial fluidity of Spider-Man as he swings through NY with a lot of skill and understanding.

Insomniac's Spider-Man was announced at E3 2016 and we got a proper gameplay reveal at this year's event. Previously, "Spider-Man 3" attracted 4.93 million viewers in 2007.

Here are 5 best noments in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

For anyone who is concerned that Tony Stark will over shine Spider-Man in his own film, don't worry!

The behind-the-scenes "Spider-Man" footage, on the other hand, showed the nitty-gritty of putting the game together. It was nice to see the heartwarming bond between him and Peter in their scenes together, showing them as a father-son relationship and that Stark really believes in Peter's abilities. Loaded with gravity-defying stunts along with catchy dialogues and comic-timing, "Spider-Man: Homecoming' is the second reboot of the Spider-Man film franchise and the sixteenth film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)".

We're not sure if Kevin Feige or Tobey Maguire would be up for it, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time that we got to see famous Marvel actors make cameos in various Marvel films.

He also gave additional insight on what kind of villains fans can expect in "Insomniac's Spider-Man" for PlayStation 4.

Peter Parker is 23 in the game, so he's been Spider-Man for a good while, but I guess he still hasn't learned how to clear up after himself, because that bedroom is nasty. It's going to be a bit of a wait until the sequel but we just have to remember- Patience!

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