Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
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R. Kelly Accused of Holding Women Hostage, Leading a "Cult"

R. Kelly Accused of Holding Women Hostage, Leading a

The veteran Chicago music journalist Jim DeRogatis has been investigating allegations about R. Kelly's sexual-predator behavior for years; it was his report of a video of sex between Kelly and a minor that led to Kelly's child-porn trial, in which Kelly was found not guilty. Not only that, but three members of the singer's former inner circle said that six women allegedly live in properties Kelly rents in Chicago and the Atlanta suburbs, where he is said to control all aspects of their lives.

T.S. also recalled the woman telling her that one time, Kelly sent a cab to pick up the women at his guest house and bring them to a club where he would meet them. They describe their daughters, who are aspiring singers, as being in thrall to Kelly, and have accused him of keeping them in a cult.

J. told the outlet she's reached out to police and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to share everything she knows about the situation, but her daughter is not considered a missing person because she's of age and says she is doing well.

The allegations against the artist come via a Buzzfeed News article, where interviews with Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee, former members of his inner circle, as well as interviews with anxious parents, reveal disturbing accounts of six women that were recruited by Kelly and are now residing at his rented properties. You have to ask to go use the bathroom.

Describing him, sources told Buzzfeed that he's a "puppet master" and that he calls the women his "babies" who in turn have to call him "daddy".

Parents J. and Tim explain to DeRogatis that after previously meeting with the 50 year-old singer under the guise of music industry mentorship, R. Kelly flew their 19 year-old daughter out to a show in 2015.

As BuzzFeed reports, welfare checks have been performed in IL and Georgia in the past year, but no charges have been made. Due to her age, however, their daughter isn't viewed as a missing person by law enforcement.

HuffPost has reached out to Kelly's representatives and will update the post accordingly.

R. Kelly would prohibit formally to the women that it hosts to enter into a relationship with anyone outside without asking permission. Jones accuses Kelly of slapping her and holding her against a tree after she was deemed to be too friendly towards a Subway employee.

"We can only wonder why folks would persist in defaming a great artist who loves his fans, works 24/7, and takes care of all of the people in his life", Linda Mensch wrote. "[She] looked like a prisoner - it was disgusting", J. said about the last time she saw her daughter.

Kelly was acquitted of the child-pornography charges in 2008, and has settled multiple other sexual-abuse lawsuits out of court. She had the air of a prisoner... it was terrible. In tapes of conversations between that singer and Kelly, acquired and published by BuzzFeed, which the woman recorded with the help of a producer after becoming suspicious of Kelly's motives, Kelly is heard saying, "I'm more interested in developing you". When they first saw their daughter last December, J says it was worse than what she even imagined.

You can read the full report from Buzzfeed here.

R. Kelly also allegedly requires the women to wear jogging suits so that their "figure is not exposed". They've received just two text messages from their daughter in that time, one wishing she could spend Christmas with them and another reading, "Happy Mother's Day from me and Rob". Mack worked as R. Kelly's personal assistant for a year and half starting in 2013.

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