Published: Пн, Июля 17, 2017
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Syrian baby Justin Trudeau meets Canada's prime minister

Syrian baby Justin Trudeau meets Canada's prime minister

Canada agreed to accept tens of thousands of Syrian refugees after the country's 23rd Prime Minister took office.

The family left Syria about six years ago.

The couple, who were forced to flee their home in Damascus due to the Syrian civil war, arrived in Canada in February 2016 with their two older children.

According to a report in CBC News, on meeting the prime minister baby Trudeau's mother said, "It was actually very good, it was incredible".

The Canadian Prime Minister is seen cradling baby Justin as his smiling parents look on.

According to HuffPost, the Bilals are not the only Syrian refugee family to name their baby after Justin Trudeau.

More than 40,000 refugees have been resettled in Canada since November of 2015. "I can't believe that I met the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau", his mother told CBC News after the emotional meeting.

"It will be a big story because you know, the Arabic name and the English name, there is a big difference", Hammoud told the CBC in May. "He held (the baby) and he said, 'This is Justin-Trudeau, ' and then he says, 'I appreciate that you named him after my name", she said further. And who can forget Trudeau's heart-warming note on social media, welcoming immigrants to the country, amidst the US President's disregard for the same?

Muhammad and Afraa Bilal arrived in Canada in February previous year with their two young children after escaping war-torn Syria.

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