Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
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Who is best? Meira or Kovind?

Who is best? Meira or Kovind?

The 30-party National Democratic Alliance (NDA)'s nominee Ram Nath Kovind, ex-Governor of Bihar, and a dalit, is pitted against the 17-party opposition UPA's candidate Meira Kumar.

As per reports, after an hour since the polling had commenced, NCP came out with a statement that they will be extending support to Kovind in the Presidential poll. Mamata said, "We are voting for Meira Kumar because it's a vote against the atrocities of the Bharatiya Janata Party, violence in the name of cow vigilantism, interference in federal structure. All rumours are baseless and should be ignored", he added.

The voting process began at 10 AM at room no 54 of the assembly and is scheduled to continue till 5 PM.

Sources, however, maintained that the second meeting was cancelled as the MLAs did not want president of the Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) Prasad Harichandan to attend it. Everyone has just one question that who will be the next India's President? MPs vote will go to Green ballots and for MLAs, there will be Pink ballots.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP Chief Amit Shah were the first to cast their votes in the Parliament after which they have been followed by the MPs and Union Ministers. The parties can not issue a whip to their members to vote for a particular candidate as the election is through a secret ballot.

President Pranab Mukherjee demits office on July 25.

Parrikar said that he has requested all the 38 legislators in Goa to extend support and vote Kovind, as the presidential poll has always been above party politics.

Meira Kumar had earlier served as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

"This ideology is of social justice, inclusiveness, secularism, transparency, freedom of expression, freedom of press and total destruction of the caste system". "Today is a very important day".

"The forces which are present should be decimated". "In these contests, the numbers may be against us". The victor can be announced earlier based on the parties' support.

Churchill said, "I came here because I was invited by Parrikar".

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