Published: Wed, August 02, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Interactive PPT Presentation, Infographic and Slideshow Sharing Channel

Interactive PPT Presentation, Infographic and Slideshow Sharing Channel

An online interactive module for sharing slideshows, presentations and infographics is now public. Those interested to browse, discover and share slideshows, PPT presentations and infographics can now access’s accumulations of ready to use infographics and PPTs samples as much as they are apt to. has on board extensive auditory of slideshows, PPT presentations, brochures and infographics on unique and extremely engaging categories uploaded during the site’s beta phase:

  • Celebrities—interesting, insightful, and awe inspiring PPTs, infographics and videos about the latest best-selling movies, rising talents and artists and other intriguing issues about movies, theaters, sports and industry superstars. Most peoples’ interests are varied and infinite, and celebrities come in various forms; movie stars, theater artists, singers, models and others. Anybody interested or those who are passionate about the scintillating world of celebrities will have an intensely fulfilling experience with the Katniss Everdeen’s Looks Tribute, Alfred Hitchcock's 50 Ways to Kill a Character and Gifting Strategies of Celebrities and more presentations in’s celebrities’ category collection.
  • Gadgets & Reviews—mobiles, gadgets, publications and technology focused infographics, slides and presentations covering Timeline of the iPhone, Glimpse over Failed Tech Gadgets, Smart Home—Keep Tabs on Your Home!, can be found under this category. The infographics are informative, PPTs present comprehensive reviews and slides and presentations illustrate interesting timelines and milestones achieved by popular gadgets, favorite brands and interesting technologies.
  • How to & DIY –  a variety of slides and presentations, infographics and diagrams discuss technical drawbacks like; 6 Life Hacks Using Hot Glue, The Hunt Begins: Creating the Perfect DIY Halloween Costume,  Behind the Scenes of wedding photography service and other life hacks. This is an informative and highly educational category where one can learn simple, significant Do It Yourself instructions from colorful and visually pleasing presentations and slideshows.
  • Social media, Humor, Internet, Books and many more categories are filled with shared PPTs, slideshows and infographics, waiting to be discovered.

Founded in 2016, is a slide sharing platform, with a collection of more than 2000 uploaded noteworthy and informative powerpoints, slides, diagrams, graphics in various themes.’s growing auditory continues to advance; presentations, infographics and slideshows are in there just waiting for anyone to discover and share them.

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