Published: Wed, August 02, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Kanye West's Touring Company File $10M Lawsuit Against Insurer

Kanye West's Touring Company File $10M Lawsuit Against Insurer

West canceled his touring plans in November and checked into UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital Center, where he spent eight days.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has obtained an explosive new $10 million lawsuit that details an extensive medical examination of the music star.

Kanye West's touring company is suing syndicates of insurer Lloyd's of London for almost $10 million, claiming breach of contract and breach of good faith, ABC News has confirmed.

West's company is seeking the money they claim they're owed from the insurance company, as well as punitive and exemplary damages, and for Very Good's attorney's fees and expenses to be paid by the defendants.

The Saint Pablo tour was originally planned for 38 shows in 2016, between August 12 and November 2. West famously cancelled the extended part of the tour after things started to get a bit insane.

Thanks to the success of the tour, though, additional dates were arranged. During a November 17 show in San Jose, West drew boos from the crowd when he said that he would have voted for Trump in the presidential election (if he'd voted), and urged his black fans to "stop focusing on racism".

The rapper also told an audience in California that he hadn't voted in the U.S. election but would have backed Donald Trump.

West's first leg of the Saint Pablo tour went off mostly fine. At the time, West had abruptly ended two concerts after delivering freakish rants where he made controversial statements about Jay-Z, Beyoncé and then-president-elect Donald Trump.

Tickets were refunded. West's touring company had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in premiums to insure against the possibility of a cancellation.

But according to the suit, that was not enough. The Washington Post reported West suffered from exhaustion and stress.

It was after that incident that West was hospitalized for mental health issues.

"While Kanye was still under medical care for his disabling condition, the Defendant syndicates demanded that Kanye submit to an immediate [independent medical examination]", states the court documents. "Kanye was made available for a purported IME by a doctor, hand-selected by the insurers' counsel, who was predisposed to look for some reason to deny the claim", the court papers state.

The complaint also alleges that the insurance company is trying to get out of ponying up by blaming West's cancelation on marijuana use. The tour was canceled, and shortly after, he was hospitalized.

Perhaps most insidiously, West's team is also claiming that Lloyd's even leaked private information about him to the press to in order to "impair Plaintiff's rights to the indemnity payments due under the Insurance Policies".

In a new lawsuit, the rapper is battling insurance companies who insured the tour claiming they refused to pay up on a multi-million dollar claim stemming from the canceled concerts.

And the lawyer criticised Lloyd's business model, claiming it accepts "bounteous" premiums and then runs "unending" investigations to avoid making payout decisions. The artists think they they're buying peace of mind.

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