Published: Wed, August 02, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

'Muslim terrorists': Far-right Norwegians mistake bus seats for burkas

'Muslim terrorists': Far-right Norwegians mistake bus seats for burkas

One user even said, "It looks really scary, should be banned". You can never know who is hiding under there.

Members of the "Fatherland first" page were furious when a poster shared a photo of a bus and wrote: 'what do people think about this?'

An anti-immigration Facebook group is being mocked by social media users after they mistook empty bus seats for Muslim women wearing burqas. " wrote one of the more alarmed commenters".

A man played a practical joke on an anti-immigrant Facebook group in Norway and the results were a microcosm of the bigotry and fear undercutting Europe.

As The Washington Post notes, "group members took the picture - posted with the comment, 'what do people think of this?' - as proof that a ban [on burqas] was needed". "Frightening times we're living in", someone else wrote about the bus-seats-thought-burqas.

A Facebook user shared 23 screenshots of people's unusual reactions to the empty seats.

"Get them out of our country, those who look like collapsed umbrellas".

The greatest response on Sindre Beyer's viral post of the image and following comments comes from Yousef Bartho Al-Nahi who asked, "New ad for Specsavers?".

Independent reported that Johan Slattavik, the user who initially posted the photographs to Fedrelandet viktigst, said it was just "a little practical joke" to see how people would react, and was actually a photograph of bus seats.

He said: 'I'm shocked by how much hate and fake news is spread there [on the group]. "In a way it's an interesting test of how quickly people can find confirmations of their own delusions", Rune Berglund Steen said.

Interviewed by Norwegian online newspaper Nettavisen, Beyer explained he had been following the group for some time: "The hatred that was displayed toward some empty bus seats really shows how much prejudices trump wisdom".

"The busses aren't full of creepy Islamists and neither do they typically have so many empty seats", he said.

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