Published: Wed, August 02, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Stephen Colbert channels Queen to bid farewell to Anthony Scaramucci

Stephen Colbert channels Queen to bid farewell to Anthony Scaramucci

"He said he was going to fire everybody and I've got to admit he delivered!"

US COMEDIANS have had a field day over Donald Trump's sudden sacking of communications chief Anthony Scaramucci - "The Mooch" - after ten days in the job.

"The front stabber has been backstabbed", he joked.

With the newly announced departure; Stephen gave his reaction last night on an episode of The Late Show.

You may have felt like a rock star in the Oval Office, Anthony, but worldwide diplomacy is no Iron Maiden concert, and any sort of nod to Tom Cruise should be exclusively reserved to a Top Gun party. A lasagna with a switchblade?

When asked if he had words of support for Scaramucci, Early responded enthusiastically, "Keep telling it like it is, Mooch!"

Kimmel made a decision to keep things simple for his Monday night show, scoring a phone interview with "Scaramucci", who engaged in an expletive-laden, mostly bleeped conversation.

And though Hudson's film was billed as a romantic comedy, Scaramucci's time in the White House was anything but romantic - his wife filed for divorce just before the birth of their son, claiming her husband was obsessed with getting Trump's approval. But I don't hear anyone saying that Anthony Scaramucci's comments were harmless and trivial.

Before his show Monday night, Colbert tweeted: "Scaramucci, We hardly knewcci".

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