Published: Thu, August 03, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

S. Korea in talks with USA about resuming THAAD deployment - Defense Ministry

S. Korea in talks with USA about resuming THAAD deployment - Defense Ministry

Earlier, the U.S. envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, said that any new resolution by the UN Security Council "that does not significantly increase the global pressure on North Korea is of no value". Late Saturday he again linked China's actions to the broader U.S.

Haley said the time for talking is over and "China must decide whether it is finally willing to take this vital step".

But Beijing's United Nations ambassador said the U.S. is responsible for keeping "things moving in the right direction".

The Global Times commented that Trump's tweet was not helpful, and that Trump does not understand the issues involved.

The US has raised concerns about "unprecedented levels" of North Korean submarine activity and underwater launch tests.

But in early July she told the Security Council that if it is united, the worldwide community can cut off major sources of hard currency to North Korea, restrict oil to its military and weapons programs, increase air and maritime restrictions, and hold senior officials accountable. "The danger the North Korean regime poses to worldwide peace is now clear to all". On Saturday, the USA announced that two Air Force B-1B bombers conducted bilateral exercises with South Korean and Japanese fighter jets in response to the ICBM test.

The latest ICBM test also risks boosting tensions between China and South Korea over a missile shield.

It has repeatedly called for both sides to step back, proposing the US halt military drills in the region and North Korea freeze weapons tests.

Trump, who is at loggerheads with Beijing over how to handle Kim's regime, has repeatedly urged China to rein in its recalcitrant neighbour, but Beijing insists dialogue is the only practical way forward.

North Korea is "probably correct" in its view that it can survive sanctions long enough to build its arsenal to the point where the world has to accept it as a nuclear state, according to Andrew Gilholm, director of North Asia analysis at Control Risks Group.

The 30th Space Wing says the missile was to be launched between 12:01 a.m. and 6:01 a.m. Wednesday from Vandenberg Air Force Base, about 130 miles (209 kilometers) northwest of Los Angeles.

"In general, China-US trade, including mutual investment, is mutually beneficial, and both China and the United States have gained great profits from bilateral trade and investment cooperations", he said. "At Homeland, what he has done has been nothing short of miraculous", Trump said.

China has countered that it shouldn't be held responsible for solving the nuclear standoff with North Korea, and that it doesn't hold the key to resolving the issue.

While Washington continues its military pressure, it has also asked China to pressure North Korea economically to cut off its access to foreign currency.

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