Published: Thu, August 03, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Texans lose WR Fuller to broken collarbone

Texans lose WR Fuller to broken collarbone

The Texans selected Fuller in the first round with the No. 21 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft after his standout career at Notre Dame. Fuller was jumping to catch a pass during a team drill and fell onto his shoulder.

2 receiver Will Fuller broke his collarbone in practice on Wednesday and his return is unknown at this time. He was looked at immediately and taken inside.

With this injury, Fuller is looking at a 6-to-12 week absence as collarbone injuries tend to have a wide range of timetables. Jaelen Strong and Braxton Miller will be in line for more work while Fuller is out of the picture. After making some progress in the offseason with dumping the albatross contract of Brock Osweiller to the Browns and drafting Clemson legend Deshaun Watson, the Texans will lose an intricate piece of the unit prior to the opening snap of the season. Miller had 15 receptions for 99 yards and a touchdown in 10 games, while Strong caught 14 balls for 131 yards during his second season. It can't make the Houston Texans feel secure to know that the two players that they want to step into the No. 2 role had a combined 29 receptions for 230 yards and one touchdown.

He also had 7 catches in the postseason.

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