Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Postal vote challenges to be heard next month

Postal vote challenges to be heard next month

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday committed A$122 million (S$131 million) to the postal vote, run by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with ballot papers sent out by Sept 12 and due back in early November.

Australia is one of the last developed nations in the English speaking world that still have not legalised gay marriage.

His sister, Christine Forster, Liberal councillor in Sydney, has been engaged to her same-sex partner Virginia Edwards for almost four years and wants gay marriage across the country.

Qantas, a long-time supporter of marriage equality, was "a big supporter of a Yes vote" and would be front and centre in the campaign, a spokeswoman said.

"I hold you responsible for every hurtful bit of filth this debate will unleash."

Sydney City Councilmember Christine Forster, who is the lesbian sister of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, told the Blade on Monday the issue has "broad community support" and allowing gays and lesbians to marry in Australia "would do nothing more than bring us into line with the USA, U.K." and other countries in which they can legally do so.

"We're going to see another situation like Ireland where you saw tens of millions in overseas money coming in to influence the debate". "The government needs to think very carefully before it expends up to AU$100 million of taxpayer dollars when it could resolve this issue in Parliament as soon as this week", Brown said Monday.

"It is exposing our children to that kind of hatred". "If you are anxious about religious freedom and freedom of speech, vote "no".

Mr Turnbull wants this dealt with by Christmas.

"We took this promise to the people, saying that everyone would get a say on this".

Janet Rice, a senator in the minor Greens party, said she was only able to remain married to her transgender wife of 31 years, Penny, because Penny remained listed as male on her birth certificate, despite transitioning 13 years ago.

He said there had been "censorship" of people arguing against same-sex marriage.

He confirmed marriage equality lobbyists were seeking advice on whether the Coalition's postal plebiscite plan was legal. He said he would prefer to wait than have his rights decided this way.

A postal vote on gay marriage is all but certain to go ahead next month but the Turnbull Government will make a last-ditch effort today to hold a compulsory plebiscite.

Announced by the Minister for Finance, Senator Mathias Cormann, the arrangements for fulfilling the Treasurer's direction will be determined by the Australian Statistician. Bernardi has said he would vote against gay marriage regardless of what the plebiscite found.

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