Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Health | By Jay Jacobs

Tiger Woods I'm Not Dating Kristin Smith Anymore

Tiger Woods I'm Not Dating Kristin Smith Anymore

Tiger Woods and Kristin Smith's pictures from a recent "summer holiday" have drawn a lot of attention, as it triggered rumors that the troubled golf legend might have gone off on vacation instead of attending his scheduled court hearing. However, on August 10, the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom reported Woods and Smith were seen for the first time in public as a couple.

He said this wasn't the case, clarifying that Smith is not his girlfriend and has not been in some time.

As everyone knows, Tiger Woods is fastidious about the propriety of his romantic liaisons.

Reports also claim that the golfer's legal team and an assistant state attorney indicated that he will choose to join a first-time DUI offender program that could allow him to have a clear criminal record.

Since they can not plead guilty if they will not attend the hearing, Woods' absence means that he is planning to declare a not guilty plea.

Woods' personal life was also in the news Wednesday when he plead not guilty to his DUI charge.

Last Tuesday, the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office made three fillings which can be beneficial to Tiger Woods' admittance to the said program.

The diversion program is apparently common among first-time offenders (like Woods) and contains benchmarks like community service and court fines for participants to hit along the way.

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