Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Xcel Energy wind projects deliver for customers and communities

Xcel Energy wind projects deliver for customers and communities

Jose Zayas, director for the Wind Energy Technologies Office at the U.S. Energy Department, says, "New York continues to grow its wind energy portfolio, and that's really driven by economics and other state specific considerations that have been given through the renewable portfolio standards".

America's wind industry added more than 8,200MW of capacity a year ago, representing 27 per cent of all energy capacity additions in 2016.

The resource supplied about 6% of domestic electricity past year, and 14 states now get more than 10% of their energy from wind.

17 percent of the in-state generation came from wind, ranking Colorado 7th in the nation for reliance on wind power.

By bringing wind power onto its system and advancing the accuracy of wind forecasting, Xcel Energy has used more wind energy and saved customers a total of $66.7 million in fuel costs through 2016.

DOE's three reports cover: land-based utility scale, offshore and distributed wind resources.

Utility-scale wind installations stand at more than 82 GW, and 40 states and Puerto Rico have utility-scale wind projects.

The US has more than 20 offshore wind projects in the pipeline with over 24GW of potential installed capacity, according to the Department of Energy (DoE). "As our reports explain, a combination of federal subsidies, state mandates and technological advancements continue to help drive new wind-capacity additions".

Launched by the Ore Valley Group, which is led by the Association, the Dundonald Wind Turbine started to produce green energy for the first time earlier this year.

Utility-scale wind installations stand at more than 82GW, enough to meet about 6.2 percent of USA end-use electricity demand in an average year.

Deepwater Wind a year ago began operating the nation's first offshore wind farm, Rhode Island's Block Island Wind Farm. Every day USA wind workers put up an average of 10 new turbines. When finished it will generate 9 million megawatt hours of wind power.

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