Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Aaron Carter Comes Out As Bisexual Via Social Media (Week in Review)

Aaron Carter Comes Out As Bisexual Via Social Media (Week in Review)

Fans are eagerly awaiting her reply and hope that she will agree to the date given Carter has had a rough time lately. "The crush is mutual".

The timing may be flawless as both Chloe Grace Moretz and Aaron Carter are not seeing anybody at this time when the "Kick-Ass" actress mentioned Carter as her childhood crush.

Moretz stated that they used to get into arguments about who would eventually end up with Aaron Carter.

Now that he's single, Carter appears to be ready to mingle, as he asked actress Chloe Grace Moretz on a date on Twitter this week.

In a recent interview for Variety's Power of Young Hollywood, Moretz shared, "When I was 4-years-old I thought Aaron Carter was so cool".

Thus far, Moretz has yet to respond to Carter's invitations.

American singer Aaron Carter was overcome with emotion last night after he received cheers from the crowd in a gay bar after declaring: "Yes, I am a bisexual man".

In July of 2017, he was arrested when he refused to undergo testing for DUI and it remains unclear whether or not Aaron was driving under the influence.

The pop star then went to play a song called "Hard to Love" about his ex-girlfriend Madison Parker, who he claimed did not understand his sexuality, TMZ reports. "She didn't want [to]", he said.

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