Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Democratic lawmakers urge Tillerson to stop Trump's NK threats

"Secretary Tillerson is the chief diplomat of the United States, and it is not his portfolio to handle those issues". "It is the job of Secretary Mattis, the secretary of defense, to talk about the military options, and he has done so unequivocally".

After Claman brought up the BBC interview, Gorka immediately responded that he "never said that" and it was "fake news 101".

"But is the guy a legitimate national security adviser to the president?"

Gorka than praised Tillerson, saying he had "done an incredible job" with new sanctions against North Korea through the United Nations Security Council. Meanwhile, North Korea's whole shtick is being dismissive of everything the United States does, so it makes sense that Trump's go-to reaction is to lash out with loud and blusterous threats of violence.

In his BBC interview, Gorka responded to questions about the contradictory messages coming from the president, State Department and Pentagon about how the USA would respond to a series of nuclear threats made by North Korea this week. Tillerson isn't in charge of defense strategy, he said.

Asked by the BBC whether people should listen to Tillerson or to Trump, Gorka said "you should listen to the president".

It also came as Mattis and Tillerson struck different public notes on North Korea, something that might simply be reflective of their different roles in the government.

Mattis's statement leaves conflict with the dictatorial regime led by Kim Jong-un on the table. If America initiated a first strike, North Korea could still retaliate by destroying a USA city.

But, he clarified again, "when reporters try to force him to make statements regarding military options, they have no idea what they're talking about, and if they think that's a story, they're not journalists". He is the secretary of state, that means you don't understand what the words secretaries of state means.

"The United States is on the same page, whether it's the White House, the State Department, the Department of Defense, we are speaking with one voice", State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Wednesday.

"Sebastian, you know this is going to be all over the papers and whether you had the exact meaning that people have now interpreted it as, it looks like to some people, it looks like - forget backstabbing, that you frontstabbed the secretary of state and, you know, people look at that and say who was he to admonish the process."

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