Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Eggs containing pesticides found in 17 countries

Eggs containing pesticides found in 17 countries

These would likely be mixed with other eggs that were not from affected farms, making "Fipronil residues highly diluted", the FSA said.

The Foods Standards Agency said 700,000 eggs had been sent to the United Kingdom from potentially contaminated Dutch farms.

According to the Daily Telegraph, fresh eggs are largely unaffected, "with contaminated eggs instead present in processed foods in which they are one ingredient among many others, mostly used in sandwich fillings or other chilled foods".

In France, about 250,000 affected eggs have sold in the country since April and authorities say products containing eggs from contaminated farms will be taken off the shelves.

Investigators believe the tainted eggs originated in the Netherlands - Europe's largest egg producer, where about 10 billion are produced per year.

Fipronil is banned in products used around food-producing animals.

More than half a million contaminated eggs have been distributed to the United Kingdom from Dutch farms.

The food authority did, however, ensure consumers that Danish eggs, which make up the majority of eggs sold in supermarkets in Denmark, were safe to eat.

About 700,000 of the eggs were distributed to the United Kingdom, with The Telegraph reporting that the British food safety watchdog had confirmed eggs may have already been eaten by consumers.

"I proposed to hold a high-level meeting gathering the ministers concerned as well as the representatives of the food safety agencies in all member states involved as soon as we have all the facts available", EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis said in a statement, which urged cooperation among nations.

"It relates to two managers at the company that allegedly used the substance (fipronil) at poultry farms", spokeswoman Marieke van der Molen said, with Dutch media naming the suspects' company as Chickfriend.

Around 85% of eggs consumed in Britain are laid in the UK.

Further away in Hong Kong, the government's Centre for Food Safety also identified two samples of imported Dutch eggs containing excessive levels of fipronil and asked shops to remove the products.

Though no-one has been reported as falling sick, prosecutors said there is evidence that public health has been threatened by "the delivery or application of the biocide Fipronil in poultry houses in the egg sector".

It is an insecticide which is not permitted for use around food-producing animals.

Four UK supermarkets withdrew products from their shelves on Thursday after it emerged that 700,000 eggs from Dutch farms had been distributed to Britain.

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