Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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Justine Damond remembered at Minneapolis memorial

Justine Damond remembered at Minneapolis memorial

Justine Damond, of Sydney, who was fatally shot by police in Minneapolis.

The memorial will show the video of Justine helping ducklings stuck in a drain near her house in Minneapolis - retrieving them barefoot.

Investigators have said Officer Mohamed Noor shot Damond after she called 911 to report a possible sexual assault near her home.

John Ruszczyk, Justine Damond's father, choked back tears as he talked about the pain of losing his daughter.

Damond says the same sense of love and duty that led her to climb down a sewer to rescue baby ducks also sent Ruszczyk into the alley behind their home late at night on July 15; she wanted to help someone she thought was being sexually assaulted.

Don Damond gets a hug from a supporter shortly after he arrived for a memorial service.

Justine's father John Ruszczyk receives condolences before the service.

Ruszczyk spoke at the memorial which took place at performance venue in Lake Harriet, southwest Minneapolis.

A large photo of Ms Damond, who was engaged to be married to her American partner, was displayed alongside an Australian flag at the memorial on the shores of Lake Harriet.

'Justine, thankyou for your handsome light that still SHINES on us all, ' one thoughtful sign read.

Meanwhile, a judge has approved a search warrant for investigators to examine the smartphones of two Minneapolis police officers linked to the fatal shooting.

Her family set up the Justine Damond Social Justice Fund to support causes important to her, including those promoting equal treatment for all.

The life of 40-year-old Justine Damond (DAY'-mund) will be celebrated Friday night at Lake Harriet Band Shell in southwest Minneapolis.

Mr Noor's colleague Matthew Harrity told investigators he was startled by a noise just before Ms Damond approached their police SUV. Noor shot through the open driver-side window from the passenger seat and fatally struck the Australian bride-to-be.

Another attendee, Rosie McGowan, said Ms Damond, a qualified vet who was to marry this month, would have asked those at the memorial "why are you guys being so serious?".

It will end with a silent and solemn walk around Lake Harriet.

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