Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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'RHONY' Ladies React to Luann's Divorce From Tom D'Agostino

'RHONY' Ladies React to Luann's Divorce From Tom D'Agostino

Despite my greatest hopes, the Housewives have departed Punta Mita, even though every single second of their trip was absolute GOLD. "And guess what? We're happy - I'm happy - and that's all that matters".

"The first time that anyone spoke to me like that, I would've had my bags packed and moved into a hotel".

Carole and Bethenny start talking about Tinsley's new man, which leaves me the ideal opening to also talk about him: He seems lovely enough for someone we've met only once. "I really knew him to be the bachelor he is". Tinsley - and already she's talking about marriage.

It appears Luann and Tinsley are on the same page, that the marriage itself is worth more than the quality of the marriage, and that perhaps appearing happy is more important to them than actually being happy. This makes me worry for her, even though I'm sure all that Coupon Cabin cash will keep her stocked in affordable $700 dresses and fake eyelashes - but fake eyelashes do not buy happiness, Tin Tin!

A representative for Luann said, "She and Tom loved each other very much, and [the separation] has absolutely nothing to do with the show".

In a preview clip, de Lesseps asks her cast mates about their unusual obsession with her husband, to which Bethenny Frankel quipped, "Any one of 10 things that he has ever said to you, I would be crying in the bathroom".

The trailer begins with Andy entering Luann's dressing and addressing her recent marriage to Tom. What do you think she's going to do there? Thank you so much. No word on whether her children went with her to possibly see their father. "He wanted someone to share his life with and do things with". Sonja's not interested in the party Tinsley is throwing her, which gives Ramona a nice opp to inflict some girl-on-girl crime to make sure Sonja knows which side her bread is buttered. "I am, and I have been", Dorinda said. In the spirit of sisterhood, I'm now doing somersaults in my lobby, which is the only place there's enough room. Carole and Bethenny still gossip about Tinsley's new man. One can imagine she also has friends and family there to rely on as she works through this divorce.

Ramona's friend could be heard saying that she felt the same way before Tom removed his microphone so that their conversation would not be recorded for the show. Ramona gets busy badmouthing Tinsley to the other guests, and Luann's (soon-to-be-ex) husband Tom takes his mic off so his flirting with other women doesn't end up on the show. And she finds reason to love Tinsley again when she gifts her a $5,000 gift card to Berdorf's.

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