Published: Mon, August 14, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

NASA announces television coverage for August 21 solar eclipse

NASA announces television coverage for August 21 solar eclipse

The lenses of some obvious fakes allow the penetration of light from such relatively faint sources as fluorescent lamps, while the only thing one should see through authentic solar-safe filters when looking at objects fainter than the sun is pitch blackness. In Michigan, it will be seen at about 1 p.m. Experts say that Michigan will witness the moon obscure nearly 80% of the sun.

Get help from an astronomer before using a solar filter with a camera, telescope or other optical device. Leonard permanently lost some vision in his right eye.

If you don't have a telephoto zoom lens, focus on taking landscape shots, which capture the changing environment. Never look directly at the sun without eye protection, even briefly. The shadow it creates is a called a penumbra.

NASA astronaut Wendy Lawrence and NASA scientist Cathy Wilson are scheduled to be on site to answer questions, and there will be a solar system display for a demonstration of how an eclipse works.

Everywhere you can point your camera can yield exceptional imagery, so be sure to compose some wide-angle photos that can capture your eclipse experience.

The last eclipse was a partial and occurred on Christmas day 2000.

So, how can you tell if your solar viewer isn't safe?

However, LLWS organizers aren't the only ones taking the eclipse into account.

The AAS and NASA have posted a list of reputable solar filter brands, retail distributors and online dealers. Use the hashtag #Eclipse2017 and tag @NASAGoddard to connect your photos on social media to those taken around the country and share them with NASA. Images will be selected from the gallery and shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Even as makers of certified, safety-tested solar eye ware rushed to meet surging demand before the August 21 eclipse, they have joined astronomers and optometrists in warning of defective knockoffs flooding the USA market.

The legitimate glasses, which offer no views outside the eclipse, carry their own hazards, however.

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