Published: Fri, August 18, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Quake Champions Early Access to Begin August 22nd

Quake Champions Early Access to Begin August 22nd

After four months in closed beta, the furiously-fast multiplayer shooter Quake Champions will open its blood-spattered doors to all players through Steam's Early Access program next week. If you want to try it out next week, you'll have to purchase the Champions Pack. Players who do will unlock all current and future Champions as well as an EA skin for Ranger and three "Reliquaries" (loot chests).

In Quake Champions, Doom guy's active ability, called Beserk, lets him smash enemies into bloody piles of gibs with his bare hands.

Early access for Quake Champions will kick off on the 22nd of August.

However before you get too excited, know that early access is something you'll have to pay for.

Quake Champions' free-to-play version will launch at a later date. His passive is, appropriately enough, double jump.

At the Early Access launch soon, 11 characters will be playable at the start: Anarki, BJ Blazkowicz (of Wolfenstein fame), Clutch, Galena, Nyx, Ranger, Scalebearer, Slash, Sorlag, Visor, and last but definitely not least, the Doom Slayer.

The company is adding more content, as well, when the game goes into Early Access. At the game's full launch, the "Champions' Pack" will bump up 25 percent and cost $39.99.

To recap, it will come with two new maps in the form of the Church of Azathoth and Tempest Shrine, the DOOM Slayer, new Rune Challenges, a Lore system with 10 Lore Items scattered throughout Arenas, customization options and more. However, players who previously redeemed a Closed Beta key will be able to continue playing Quake Champions in free-to-play mode, only via

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