Published: Sun, August 20, 2017
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Umpires wearing white wristbands in protest of 'escalating verbal attacks'

Umpires wearing white wristbands in protest of 'escalating verbal attacks'

Along with the statement, umpires around baseball began wearing white wristbands in protest of what the association calls, "Escalating verbal attacks on MLB umpires".

The World Umpires Association, which announced the protest just before the start of the Tigers' game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, said Kinsler had "publicly and harshly impugned the character and integrity" of Hernandez.

"The Office of the Commissioner has failed to address this and other escalating attacks on umpires", the WUA said Saturday. Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said he thought it was "petty" and Kinsler told reporters he didn't care at all. I hope they wear the white wristbands for the rest of their careers. Players (or one player in particular) have been publicly speaking out about umpires doing their jobs poorly, and the umps don't think that Rob Manfred has done enough to punish players for what they've done. "I don't really care to be honest with you".

According to the statement, Kinsler's fine wasn't almost harsh enough a penalty for the umps, who think a suspension was warranted.

Prior to the ejection, after taking a ball, Kinsler had some NSFW words for Hernandez.

Ausmus said he feels like, if anything, the protest should shine a spotlight on the umpires' interaction with Kinsler, so he doesn't fear any retribution, but he was still livid to see this action directed at one of his players. A spokesperson for the World Umpires Association did not immediately return requests for comment. There's often arguments between team players and umpires, managers and umpires, and coaches and umpires, that's part of the game.

"Enough is enough. Umpires will wear the wristbands until our concerns are taken seriously by The Office of the Commissioner". It's a team sport.

Most every full-time Major League Baseball umpire wore a wristband. "To single out one player as a union is completely uncalled for". The full statement can be seen below.

Last month, Hernandez sued Major League Baseball alleging race discrimination.

Hernandez worked the World Series in 2002 and 2005 but hasn't done it not since. In a USA Today report published June 20 timed to coincide with the umpire's 5,000th regular-season game, West said "it's got to be Adrian Beltre" when asked who was the biggest complainer in the major leagues. The umpires' union also criticized Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred for his leniency. "That's the ordinary course", Manfred said. Umpires have to be beyond reproach on the topic of impartiality.

Padres manager Andy Green said "there have been moments in time where I have said things to umpires I wish I had not said".

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