Published: Mon, August 21, 2017
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Police confront some protesters near Boston Common

Police confront some protesters near Boston Common

President Trump on Saturday slammed numerous demonstrators chanting anti-Nazi slogans in Boston as "anti-police agitators".

More anti-racism protesters, led by the local Black Lives Matter chapter, marched through Boston Saturday from the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center to join the counter demonstration at Boston Common.

"We are not associated with any alt-right or white supremacist groups", it said this week, insisting: "We are strictly about free speech".

Officials estimated turnout of about 40,000 demonstrators. Police are looking tough and smart! A little more than an hour later, after immediate criticism of his initial remarks, he added: "Our great country has been divided for decades".

"It's clear today that Boston stood for peace and love, not bigotry and hate", Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said.

Thousands of counter-protesters had convened in two groups before the main rally in Boston, chanting "No Nazis, no KKK, no fascists in the U.S.!"

Despite concerns after the events in Charlottesville, one counter protester said it's worth the risk to attend.

Just in case anyone in the White House or conservative media tries to demonize these courageous people who stood up against racism, protester Danielle Williams said, "What brought me out here today?"

Organizers of Saturday night's rally at Dallas City Hall Plaza say they expect thousands at the event, just a short walk to the city's Confederate War Memorial.

"We will not tolerate any misbehavior, violence or vandalism whatsoever", said Evans, Boston's top cop.

Saturday afternoon, Boston's police department Tweeted that Mob protesters were throwing bottles, urine and rocks at them and asked the protesters publicly to refrain from doing so. Others carried a large banner that read: "SMASH WHITE SUPREMACY".

And in a common pattern, Trump was faster to denounce the peaceful, anti-hate protest than the actual white supremacists and neo-Nazis who gathered in Boston Common for a "free speech rally".

The event, which was billed as a "free speech" rally, ended early after thousands of counter-protesters overwhelmed the crowds.

Organizers said on Facebook they are not affiliated with the Charlottesville rally organizers.

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