Published: Tue, August 22, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

'I'm exhausted of eating human flesh' South African cannibal tells police

'I'm exhausted of eating human flesh' South African cannibal tells police

As investigation into the rare case gathered pace, cops discovered a house where they had stocked human remains.

A man carrying bloody human leg and a hand stormed Estcourt police station in KwaZulu-Natal Midlands to report that he was exhausted of eating human flesh.

The police also found eight ears in a pot where one man was staying along with more such human flesh and tissue.

This led police to a home in Rensburgdrift where more gruesome discoveries, believed to be human body parts, were made.

Three men, accused of murder and eating human flesh, have been arrested and produced in Estcourt Magistrate's Court, about 175km (110 miles) north-west of Durban in South Africa on Monday (21 August).

The group was arrested on Friday after one of the suspects handed himself over to police at Estcourt SAPS.

"It was buried under big rocks and we had to call a TLB machine to remove the rocks".

"They are usually experiencing audio and/or visual hallucinations - hearing voices or seeing things that aren't there - and having freaky thoughts like "I must eat this body part as it will make me powerful", he said, adding that people who are into cannibalism often suffer psychological problems.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), in a media statement, said that they have learned with horror of reports that a young girl and a male have been murdered and cannibalised.

They allegedly killed a woman, cut her up and ate parts of her body.

Pietermaritzburg - A community meeting following the arrest of four Estcourt men for allegedly killing a person and eating human flesh saw hundreds of residents allegedly confess to having eaten human body parts procured from one of the accused.

"Usually, people who eat other humans tend to suffer from psychotic episodes, or mental health issues".

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