Published: Tue, August 22, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

WWE's John Cena receives awesome surprise from some of his biggest fans

WWE's John Cena receives awesome surprise from some of his biggest fans

And in a new video released by Cricket Wireless on Monday, August 21, fans who have been touched by the star had the opportunity to say thank you.

John Cena surprised fans at an event organised by Cricket Wireless previous year, wherein fans got to see the live version of the "Unexpected John Cena" meme, courtesy the "Leader of the Cenation" himself.

Some of his fans recently came together to thank the WWE superstar for being an inspiration to them.

Regardless of what WWE fans may think of John Cena as a wrestler ("Let's go Cena!" vs. "Cena sucks!" chants rage on), it's hard to argue John Cena the person hasn't used his star status to positively impact the lives of others. Trying to fight back the tears as he read the note, Cena said: "That's pretty cool".

What John doesn't know is that those same fans are listening in another room to John reading the thank you notes. It's really cool to see man. The group also presents the 40-year-old with a Life Changer trophy.

Cena messages feature fans thanking him for helping them through the adoption of a child, near-death experiences and cancer. Just remember, you guys do the work. 'Don't think that you're the only one up against it and have challenges to face. you lead by example and I mean it when I say: Never give up. "Some really, really heartfelt stuff", Cena said. "And it's a reaffirming message of be mindful that your actions affect those close to you".

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