Published: Tue, August 22, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Revealed, And It Looks Great

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Revealed, And It Looks Great

The Xbox One X pre-orders have been selling out nationwide since going live on Sunday evening at Gamescom.

The highly powerful console can be pre-ordered for the price of $499 and while this might sound a little bit too expensive, Xbox fans should be happy to know that they can get a huge discount that goes up to $200.

Included in the Xbox One S bundle is a 1 TB storage drive, a vertical stand, and digital codes for "Minecraft" and the Redstone expansion.

The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle not only comes with a copy of Minecraft and the Redstone Pack expansion, the console itself is created to look like a collection of Minecraft blocks. Pre-orders on Microsoft's Xbox website are open now. A similar leak also occurred earlier on German Amazon, when the "Xbox One X Day One Edition" was listed but was then removed.

The packaging for the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition resembles that of the original Xbox. They way in which Xbox fans can benefit from this price cutoff is by trading in their older Xbox One when they made a decision to pre-order the new console.

Wilson also said that, given the specs of the machine, he sees a longer life ahead for the system- especially since he thinks that it will be a while before a game fully taps its power.

Further, to increase the number of games for the console against the Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4 Pro, Microsoft is working with third-party game studios to make sure that the Xbox One titles run smoothly on the Xbox One X. Over 100 titles have been confirmed for optimization by Microsoft.

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