Published: Wed, August 23, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Americans cheer as total solar eclipse spreads across country

Americans cheer as total solar eclipse spreads across country

"I'm really lucky we got to be here today", said Jason Davis, 29, who got married on Saturday and made a decision to stop in OR for the eclipse.

A brief timelapse of the total solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21, taken in downtown Yorkville.

A worker passes out solar viewing glasses to guests at the football stadium before the total solar eclipse at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

The Sun is obscured entirely by the Moon, with only the corona visible, seen from Madras, Oregon.

There was an eclipse of the sun by the moon.

Total solar eclipses will also be visible around the world in 2019 (South Pacific, Chile, Argentina); 2020 (South Pacific, Chile, Argentina, South Atlantic); 2021 (Antarctica); 2026 (Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Spain); 2027 (Morocco, Spain, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia); 2028 (Australia, New Zealand); and 2030 (Botswana, South Africa, Australia).

For millions of others outside the zone of "totality", a partial eclipse of the sun will appear throughout North America, a spectacle that was expected to draw its own crowds.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory has its view of the Sun partially blocked by the Moon in this ultraviolet image.

Eclipse fans stand in line to look through a telescope as they wait for the beginning of the solar eclipse at the James Bruce Convention Center in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

"This is a far larger crowd than I anticipated", he said. He said he saw it the first time in 1979 at the age of 18.

Zeiler estimated up to 7.4 million people traveled to the zone to observe the total eclipse, which is taking place in the peak vacation month of August.

Why should you get excited for another solar eclipse? And as the sun reemerged from behind the moon, it created an astonishing "diamond ring" effect. The event is also live streamed by social network pages of NASA.

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