Published: Mon, August 28, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Bethesda: Game of Thrones Leaked - What It Could Be?

Now before we jump into a conclusion that this is just a random placeholder listing that might have come up on the Target by mistake I would like to inform you that currently, Bethesda is working on a 2 unannounced, large-scale games. Target listed something called "Bethesda: Game of Thrones". No further details are hinted at. Will Bethesda's main RPG studio be working on the game? Until then, fans can only hope that the game is half as good as Skyrim or Fallout 4. Two of them were confirmed by studio director Todd Howard earlier this year as being "larger" in scale similar to the "more classical" releases done by the company in its lifetime. The Target listing gives credence to rumors that Game of Thrones will be the follow-up release. One of them could very well be The Elder Scrolls VI. This could mean that Bethesda does not game, but something else. Meanwhile, an action-adventure title simply called Game of Thrones was published by Atlus and Focus Home Interactive in 2012, also to low review scores. Soon after, Telltale Games adapted the series into their signature episodic format, calling it Game Of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, which did better than the previous title and was set in-between the show's earlier seasons.

HBO's prized series Game Of Thrones has recently concluded its penultimate season with a bang, and there is a year's worth of waiting ahead of fans to know what becomes of the conflicts. On the other hand, it is likely that Bethesda does not one game with an extensive advertising campaign.

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