Published: Tue, August 29, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Apple Watch 3 Coming With More Workout & Exercise Tracking Functions

The latest iOS 11 beta's release suggests Apple's intention of adding a string of workout activities to Apple Watch, which might be launched with "watchOS 4" in September. But it's 2017 and we have no concept of time remaining, which means that yes, there's a new developer beta. The company is also enhancing its Music and Workout apps.

Some of the workouts may be available right now to WatchOS 4 beta users, however, others aren't - and speculation is Apple may reserve some of these for its new Apple Watch launching soon. It used to be that the developer beta was restricted to just, uh, developers, but these days, it's easy for anyone to get on the beta.

Now, code in the iOS 11 beta is offering some more hints about the service, including its name, Apple Pay Cash.

TvOS 11 beta 8 is now only available to registered developers for testing, although a free public beta that usually follows a few days after is also active.

The eleventh iteration of the Apple TV operating system is expected to bring a syncing feature for the Home screen, automatic light and dark modes, and full support for AirPods and CarPlay 2, among other changes. We'll trawl through the release notes to find you everything new, but in the meantime, you can download the beta for yourself to go play with.

With just two weeks left to fine-tune the software, Apple's developers have stepped up to weekly releases of the developer beta and public beta. The management capabilities of more recent version of the operating system, combined with more powerful iPads are evidence of this.

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