Published: Tue, August 29, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Aston Martin Opting For V6 In New Mid-Engined Sports Car

Aston Martin Opting For V6 In New Mid-Engined Sports Car

But it seems Aston Martin are actually starting to get things properly right, with cool cars - like the new DB11 - still coming, but profits arriving too. And, in an interview with The Financial Times, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer let slip that it will utilise a smaller V6 alongside a manual gearbox. By switching to partial and full forms of electric power, Palmer believes the brand will be headed in a direction that not only keeps Aston relevant for years to come, but also on top of the ever-heightening technological ladder.

The DBX concept was revealed at Geneva in 2015 as a two-door, four-seat model powered by electric motors mounted inboard of the wheels and powered by lithium sulphur cells. According to Palmer, roughly one quarter of the lineup will have a battery option by the end of the next decade.

Aston Martin was developing the hybrid KERS-style system in cooperation with Red Bull Technologies for the Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar.

The first Aston Martin EV is already under development - an all-electric version of the Rapide called the RapidE will launch in 2019. Our improving performance reflects rising demand for our new DB11 model, as well as for special edition vehicles and the ongoing benefits from our Second Century transformation plan.

Until the end of July, VFACTS data shows Aston Martin delivered 87 cars to Australian buyers, a jump of 17 cars, or 24%, on the same period past year.

Rather than buying in electric systems from technology partner Daimler, which now supplies its V8 engine and some of the electronics, Aston plans to develop its electric driving systems in-house. Rivals Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche are also treading down the electrification path.

However, Palmer confirmed that a hybrid version of the auto will be developed, but it will not feature plug-in hybrid technology because research suggests luxury vehicle buyers do not consider the experience to be premium enough.

This is the year by which the United Kingdom and France plan to prohibit the sale of new cars powered exclusively by an internal combustion engine.

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