Published: Fri, September 01, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

WhatsApp Verified Business Accounts Rolled out in India

WhatsApp Verified Business Accounts Rolled out in India

On the part of the user, future communications such call, text, and status messages will not be delivered to the blocked number. The messaging service will also use yellow messages to let a user know when they've started talking to a business. According to the data collected by the DownDetecter, 22 percent users faced login issues and 30 percent users faced problem in message sending and receiving on August 29.

The Web monitoring tool DownDetector - tracks social comments around a certain topic to monitor outages across the globe - also reported spike in complaints. The report also mentioned that BookMyShow has confirmed this feature is no more in the pilot stage and they've integrated WhatsApp with their service. It is also said that there is no way to delete these messages from the business chat, still, we were able to achieve that task as well.

Most of the affected users were from northern Europe, Brazil and Mexico. When it was down at service, many users even took it to twitter to complain about this issue. Some informed about their problems and some took the sarcastic and amusing way to show their disappointment. But later on, the company fixed the issue.

Only few days ago Facebook and photo-sharing platform Instagram were reported facing an outage and this time it was the chat app WhatsApp that left its users frustrated due to a global blackout on Thursday i.e.

The majority of WhatsApp issues is with connection, with some 60 per cent of users experiencing connectivity problems, according to Down Detector. Those without can still communicate with customers and open themselves up to the two million WhatsApp users, however.

The latest move by the Facebook-owned company seems to agree with recent reports speculating that WhatsApp app could be developing a standalone app specifically designed for businesses.

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