Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Apple Unveils Cellular-Equipped Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Unveils Cellular-Equipped Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch 3 will be an even better heart-rate tracker now, and it's clear that Apple increasingly has an eye to medical and sports applications for its watches. It's an important feature, and turns the watch into a veritable iPhone Light, allowing you to leave the phone behind while going out for a quick workout or running an unexpected errand. The new software will have new features around training and monitoring your health from September 19 with an upgrade to Watch OS.

Apple has revealed the next-generation of its smartwatch, dubbed the Apple Watch Series 3, which comes sporting its own cellular connection. The number is the same number that you use on an iPhone, Apple said. Well, it can now take calls using the same number as your iPhone's, it can stream music from Apple Music, and there will be Siri by your side. err, wrist. Without cellular, it will cost from $329, while adding cellular bumps the cost to $399. The new Apple Watch will also notify users when their heart rates are higher than normal if they aren't performing any activity. Apple Smart Watch packs in all-day battery life still.

Meanwhile, Apple is cutting the price of its Series 1 watch to be from $249. "Like your heart. Very few people wore heart monitors", Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Fortune on Monday. The new watch comes out September 22.

The new smartwatch was the first of several new products Apple was expected to announce at its fall product launch event. The watch is also "swim proof" and while the addition of a cellular antenna would usually increase the size of the Watch itself, Williams says it's virtually the same size as Series 2.

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Consumers will be able to start ordering the Apple Watch Series 3 starting on September 15, and the devices will come out September 22. The original Series 1, without Global Positioning System, sells for $249, down from $269.

This would not only make it easy to connect to the charger, but also mean you could charge the Watch while it's lying at an angle, so you could for example use it as a bedside clock.

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