Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
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Gas stations on Florida's west coast are running out of fuel

Gas stations on Florida's west coast are running out of fuel

American Airlines has added 16 flights from Miami, totaling more than 3,600 seats, it said in a statement to Money.

American added flights with more than 3,600 seats to evacuate residents from Miami and capped one-way fares in coach at $99 and $199 for premium seats ahead of the storm and September 10 through September 17.

"The earliest flight we could get was tomorrow morning, so now we're here waiting at the airport since we can't check in until 4", she said.

Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Thomas Cook Airlines are flying out to Orlando before the airport closes at 5pm local time on Saturday (10pm BST) to bring back several thousand passengers - mainly to Gatwick but also to Manchester, Glasgow and Stansted.

The Fort Worth-based airline canceled all flights at the Miami airport starting on Friday evening in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, along with flights at three other south Florida airports.

By noon on Thursday, Miami International had canceled 120 flights and Fort Lauderdale International had canceled 48 according to When a plane is full, as nearly every flight out of Ft Lauderdale and Miami is now, the computers adjust prices higher, to $1,000 or more. Forecasters say tropical force winds will then descend on Georgia late Monday, possibly reaching into the Atlanta area - which will likely impact Delta flights to and from Atlanta, the carrier said.

Winds of 74 miles per hour - hurricane force - have reached Key West, Florida, the National Weather Service says as of about 8:34 p.m. MDT.

The final planes have taken off at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport as crews secure the premises before closing for the storm.

JetBlue has announced that it is offering its remaining seats for travelers looking to escape the hurricane's path at a reduced rate of $99 - $159, including government taxes.

Non-commercial flights will continue until conditions become too risky.

Airlines are offering more seats for those evacuating from the path of Hurricane Irma as spots on their regularly scheduled flights out of Florida fill up. "It may miss Florida but at least give people a chance to get out".

The mom said she kept searching and was eventually able to find a flight on Southwest for $688. Customers whose flights are canceled or delayed for 90 minutes are also entitled to a refund. All flights on Saturday, Sunday and Monday are canceled.

"We want those trying to leave ahead of the hurricane to focus on their safe evacuation rather than worry about the cost of flights", JetBlue spokesman Doug McGraw said.

The last take-off from the usually hyperactive airport was shortly before 10pm on Friday night: an Air Europa departure for Madrid.

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