Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Hurricane watch: Jose could threaten the East Coast next week

Hurricane watch: Jose could threaten the East Coast next week

Spaghetti models forecast that Hurricane Jose's projected path will take the eye of the tropical cyclone in a loop northeast of The Bahamas through Friday followed by a northwestward motion towards the U.S. Mid-Atlantic states next week. Another track shows Jose could even pass near Washington.

"Regards to Jose, most of the concern would be mainly the mariners", Mr McKenzie told The Tribune.

While we can and will hope for this track, we will continue monitoring the latest developments and update accordingly IF it looks like Jose's track appears to threaten the east coast, including the Carolinas. Lucky us so far, models tend to think it will. As Irma winds down and eventually weakens over the Southern US our attention will turn towards Jose which looks primed to set up a prolonged run of surf for many breaks in the Western Atlantic. The storm will cross its own wake in a few days.

As for its forecast, hurricanes in this part of the Atlantic often race out to sea and into oblivion, but that won't be the case with Jose.

Jose doesn't have the muscle Irma flexed as it approached Florida, being just a Category 1 storm with 75 miles per hour sustained winds on Tuesday morning.

The NHC said that after this point in time the models start to "diverge significantly" over where Jose could go next.

Remains of the storm could also push the jetstream further north dragging better weather to the British Isles, but the forecast is still questionable.

A man walks among the destruction left by Hurricane Irma at the Phillipsburg Town Beach in Philipsburg, St. Maarten (Picture: Getty Images)When could Jose hit America?

"Jose is expected to remain between Bermuda and Hispaniola for the next several days", said AccuWeather hurricane expert Dan Kottlowski.

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