Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Share your Instagram Stories with a new way with Instagram Direct

Share your Instagram Stories with a new way with Instagram Direct

The stories which you share with your friends will directly go to the Inbox.

Instagram is making changes to the app that make it easier to share stories with other users.

To make your stories more secure, there is a feature available on the app which lets you turn of this option. Recently, Facebook has chose to bring its Canvas format ads to Instagram stories making Instagram Stories more useful for branding.

Home improvement company Lowe's and advertising agency BBDO have worked together in the past and teamed up again to create an Instagram Stories campaign made up of 64 micro-videos showing how to transform a tiny, unused room into a useful space. The latest involves enabling users to share other people's stories through Direct messages on Instagram.

Don't expect to get spammed with Stories just yet: Group messages can only be sent to up to 15 people, and like all other Stories, those that land in your DM box expire 24 hours after they were created. You can disable this for your own profile if you don't want followers to share your content without permission.

You're done! You have successfully shared shared an Instagram story with your friends or in a group in the direct message.

Instagram launched location and hashtag stories in May this year so that they surfaced more frequently in Explore. If you don't see the user you want to share the story with in the list provided you can also search their user name in the search bar. Under "account" you should see "story settings".

How do you share Instagram Stories in a direct message?

The latest step is also along the same lines, though it might be a cause for concern for some users since Instagram is now enabling users to share other users' stories through Direct messages.

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