Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

What to expect from the Apple TV 5

What to expect from the Apple TV 5

Apple also announced an update to the TV app for Apple TV and iOS devices.

Indeed that task looks promising.

At the heart of the Apple TV is an A10X fusion chip, the same as the iPad Pro. Your existing HD iTunes purchases will be upgraded to 4K/HDR for free, and the company says new 4K releases will cost the same as existing films.

It's been two years since Apple released the fourth-generation Apple TV, complete with more storage, a new remote and applications and games in tow.

A couple good things have already happened for Apple TV leading up to their 5th-generation model announcement. Whatever order they choose, you know what you're getting: a 4K Apple TV.

More details to follow.

There's just no way around this, if Apple wants to be the next big streaming device - taking away part of the pie from devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Roku family of products, it needs to get on board the Amazon Video train.

Billy Lynn's Long Half-Time Walk is the first 4K Blu-ray on the market supporting 60FPS, and I wouldn't be surprised if more directors start experimenting with the higher frame rate. According to appleinsider, we are to expect support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Apple has been working with Hollywood studios and Netflix to bring 4K and HDR titles to Apple TV, Apple's Eddy Cue said at an event on Tuesday.

Is Apple playing "catch up" with other media device makers? That should mean full quality Netflix, Amazon Prime and more via Apple TV at last. And what about the Apple Watch 3?

Let's not forget tvOS either: there really isn't all that much to the Apple TV hardware, and so software updates could be where the biggest improvements are made over the next 12 months - aside from 4K support, which will have to be a physical upgrade. There's also plenty of 4K/60FPS content on YouTube to help you get a taste of the format.

We expect a serious bump up in hardware.

Stay tuned for more in the smart home space from the Apple TV too. It runs the latest version of TV OS.

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