Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

2 buildings in Miami evacuated after partial collapse of crane

2 buildings in Miami evacuated after partial collapse of crane

At this point Hurricane Irma was a Category 4 storm, and its powerful winds were making it almost impossible for paramedics and fire crews to respond to the dozens of calls they were receiving. More than 100,000 customers were without power in Georgia and over 80,000 in SC. Petersburg area by Monday morning. But by the time it rolled through in the middle of the night Monday, it was down to a moderate Category 2, with winds around 100 miles per hour or less.

The mayors of Tampa and Miami Beach, two Florida cities that were at one point projected to take a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, said their communities were mostly spared.

One expert, Dr Shannon Clark, an associate professor in the division of maternal fetal medicine at University of Texas said that the reason for the increased births is inconclusive, though it could have something to do with the low barometric pressure that comes with a hurricane.

Alfonso said city officials contacted the management of nearby residential buildings and called residents there by using a reverse 911 system to urge them to stay away from their windows in case shards of the cranes are picked up by the wind.

"All we care about is the safety of everyone right now", the building's developer, PMG, said in a statement.

Orlando city employees and volunteers fill sandbags for residents as they prepare for Hurricane Irma Friday Sept. 8 2017 in Orlando Fla. Lines of vehicles stretched for miles and many waited several hours to get the sandbags
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Paramedics weren't able to reach her because of the unsafe conditions, including strong winds.

A trail of destruction and devastation has already been left in Irma's wake along the Caribbean.

Video from the Keys showed a pickup truck zig-zagging over the centre line to avoid several boats tossed onto the asphalt.

Approximately 6.3 million people in Florida were ordered to evacuate their homes.

Although Miami has been spared the worst of the hurricane, rescue crews were told to begin using judgment when deciding whether to respond to emergency calls, reports the Miami Herald.

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