Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
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American Horror Story: Cult lays out a clear political agenda

American Horror Story: Cult lays out a clear political agenda

She's definitely in on what's happening with Ally, but it's unclear how or why.

Spoilers for the next episode of "American Horror Story" season 7 suggest that Kai Anderson and Ally Mayfair-Richards will cross each other's paths again.

Distancing itself from the premiere's election-inspired craziness, episode two of American Horror Story: Cult gives a better understanding of Winter's (Billie Lourd) plan while introducing Ally and Ivy (Alison Pill) to the creepy new neighbors that moved in right across the street.

Harrison and Meadow Wilton are an extremely odd couple - she, a skin cancer survivor who wears clothes to cover her skin (and identity) at all times, and he, a gay, gun-toting beekeeper. With Winter leaving, there was no one around to reason with Ally when she pulled out the gun. Apparently, he and Meadow were besties who ended up marrying each other because neither one could find anyone to settle down with. It was handsome yet sad and scary to watch Ally go through her mental state of torture and only to be made worse by Evan Peters' character.

Following the election, neo-Nazis and white supremacist groups felt emboldened to terrorize minority groups both physically and mentally by attacking people unprovoked and staging mass demonstrations, such as the one in Charlottesville last month. The American Horror Story franchise has received 28 Emmy nominations and four wins over its previous six seasons.

Of course, she doesn't know she's heading to danger, but we do.

Ally grabs her gun and Ozzy and runs for the door, but at the same time her friendly employee Pedro Morales is walking up to the house to deliver some candles and a phone charger to help her out during the power outage. Dr. Vincent is concerned that her phobias are getting worse, and that puts Ivy in a bad situation as she has to deal with her family and her family's business. He's also personally benefited from the clown murders of the Changs, since that freed up the city council seat he's now after (not to mention that Chang previously insulted Kai in front of the council).

Now with an investigation underway after the discovery of the manager, the episode starts to hint at some political undertones. We knew this moment was coming and it's the first real back-and-forth the two have since the coffee throwing incident in the season opener. Ally and her son Oz are seemingly forced to fight for their lives against the clowns, but are they real, or are they just in her imagination? A big part of the theory has to do with the meaning behind Oz's full name, Ozymandias.

Winter Anderson has acted suspiciously ever since we first saw her make a pinky promise with Kai, but this week, she reveals that the clowns Oz saw murder the neighbors were in fact real.

Cult returns to FX tonight, Tuesday, September 12, at 10 PM ET/PT with Episode 2 - "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark". Instead, Winter goes pinky-to-pinky with the boy - taking on the role of mini cult-leader in the process, mirroring the kooky actions of her blue-haired brother. However, a relaxing bath takes a different turn when Winter attempts to seduce Ally by washing her off in the tub.

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