Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Britain, EU announce date of next round of Brexit talks

The government denied it was implying a threat, saying it was a fact that unless Britain agreed to continue its security cooperation projects, including with the Europol law enforcement agency, then it would leave them after Brexit.

Negotiating teams for Britain and the European Union had been due to reconvene in Brussels next week for a fourth round of talks.

"The UK is unconditionally committed to maintaining European security", it said.

Ministers will say today that Britain's security will always be "indivisibly linked" with Europe as the government pledges to continue supplying United Kingdom troops, technology and intelligence to European Union defence missions after Brexit. This is why, in addition to stronger relations with EU member states, we also envisage a strong UK-EU partnership on foreign and defence policy following our departure.

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson pledged to work with the European Union in order to prevent such incidents in the future.

It came just hours after the Commons passed the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, a crucial piece of legislation that severs ties with the bloc by ending the supremacy of EU law in Britain.

A source said: "We want a future partnership in which we can continue to collaborate with our European partners on defence research and capability development post-exit". Rebels in both parties warned, however, that they would back amendments created to ensure that the Bill will not be a power grab by government.

The organisation said some 180,000 traders would need to make customs declarations after Brexit, the introduction of which it estimates could cost GBP4bn per annum.

It is the next step in implementing last year's historic referendum vote to leave the European Union, after Prime Minister Theresa May formally notified Brussels of Britain's withdrawal in March.

May had accepted an invitation from the parliament to speak at a meeting of the heads of party groupings, he said. We want to achieve full tariff-free access to the single market.

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